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J310 Transistor Siliconix


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100 in stock

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J310 Transistor Siliconix
J310 Transistor Siliconix – TO92
This transistor is the original Silikonix,
it is a special military production – super low noise.
Items are brand new, not used

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Brand -------------------------- Siliconix / Vishay 
Special military production ---- low noise
Transistor Polarity ------------ N-Channel 
Model -------------------------- J310 
Drain-Source Current ----------- 60 mA 
Vds - Drain-Source BV ---------- 10 V 
Vgs - Gate-Source BV ----------- - 25 V 
Id - Continuous Drain Current -- 1 nA 
Pd - Power Dissipation --------- 360 mW 
Ciss - Input Capacitance ------- 1.8 pF 
Gate-Source Cutoff Voltage ----- - 6.5 V
Package / Case ----------------- TO-92
RoHS --------------------------- RoHS Compliant Details
Price is for ------------------- lot of 10 pieces


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