Amateur Radio Station:   SP7DYN Locator JO91PW

GPS: 51°58’9.11″ N  19°16’58.13″ E

Radio Components – Surplus

Radiocommunications Test Equipment & Components

About Us

I am an radio amateur, designer of radio equipment,
with many years of professional radio electronic experience.
1976 I received my aptitude certificate and the call sign SP7DYN.
By the way, it is worth visiting an interesting website –
knowledge base in the field of radio technology – here.
During 46 years of amateur work I have accumulated many items,
elements and radio, electronic, and especially microwave devices.
All items on my website are not new, they are 99,9% used,
bought on flea markets, bought from scrap, bought second-hand.
They are my property, are not traded (are not traded by chain stores),
intended only for hobby purposes.
All items on my site are for sale or exchange for other radio equipment.
All devices in my page have been tested in my laboratory.
The range of all measurements in my lab is from Hz to 50 GHz,
from nW to KW, from Brand: HP, Anritsu, Marconi, R&S, Aeroflex etc.
About Us – omments, valuable advice and any questions are welcome.

My contact adress:
Grzegorz Kaźmierczak 
Łęczycka 2 m 9
95-035 Ozorków Poland
Tel: 00 48 606 280 009