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Ferrite Core Bead 3W800


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100 in stock

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Ferrite Core Bead 3W800
Ferrite Core Bead are brand new – see real photos

The core is ideal for the construction of the
bridge SWR. My bridge with those cores
working from 1MHz to 2.5GHz -see here.
The dynamic range of -58 dB to -32 dB.
Recommended cables to the core max
diameter 1.2mm: UT034 (0.86mm)


Link to --------------- PDF
Brand ----------------- Würth 
Part Number ----------- 742700 
Dimensions diameter --- 
3.45mmx1.25mm Length 3.07mm 
Can fit TO-220 TO-3P transistor pin 
Material -------------- 3W800
Initial permeability -- µ800  
5turn ----------------- 19.8 µH
10turn ---------------- 70.7 µH
Condition ------------- New
Price is for lot of --- 50 pieces


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