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3.3pF 6KV 5KWAr High Voltage Doorknob Capacitor


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4 in stock

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3.3pF 6KV 5KWAr High Voltage Doorknob Capacitor
The offered capacitor is designed for high power,
and high frequency transmitting devices, antenna tuners, etc.
Capacitor is new, made for the Russian army.

Some of the capacitors have been removed
from new reserve transmitters!

Link to other HV capacitors —– Click Here


Manufacture -------------- Military Russian Army
Model -------------------- K15Y-1
Type --------------------- Ceramic Doorknob Capacitor
Capacity ----------------- 3.3pF
Operating voltage -------- 6KV
Rated Power -------------- 5 KWAr
Screw Size --------------- M5 Typical
Condition ---------------- Brand New (NOS)
Price is for ------------- 1 piece



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