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High Power Coupler Sampler 50-12000MHz


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High Power Coupler Sampler 50-12000MHz Adj Coupling
Broad band,  low loss -15 to – 95dB MICROLAB
Microlab Models HX series reactive samplers consist of aprobe
loosely coupled to a short length of 50 coaxial transmission line.
A small portion of the RF energy in the main line is coupled by
the probe to the auxiliary output, the balance being transmitted
to the output with negligible reflection or loss.
The coupling between probe and main line is continuously
adjustable and may be locked at any convenient position.
The coupling value is dependent on frequency falling at the
rate of 6 dB per octave as frequency increases.
Units consist of a low-loss main line with both terminals available.

The device has excellent broad band parameters,
is great fo ham radio, radio control, laboratory measurements.
These sampler is used, cosmetic scratches and stains, tested
and functions, removed from military equipment,
and guaranteed to your satisfaction, real photos, see data!

Each sampler has been tested for Insersion loss and return loss!

Link to ————————————–  PDF
Link to ————————————–  Diode


Manufacturer ---------- MICROLAB (military product). 
Model ----------------- HX-10N
Frequency work range -- 50-12000MHz 
Couplung output ------- -15 to -95dB
Impedance ------------- 50 Ohms
Insertion loss max----- 0.08dB
Power test ------------ 1000Watts on 50MHz 
Warning! The diode can easily be damaged!
Power test ------------ 500Watts on 2300MHz
Connectors line ------- N
Connector Cpl --------- BNC
Diode detector -------- 1N23 can be replaced 
(Set includes diode) Link to Diode
Housing --------------- Brass Silver Plating
Super military production -- High quality & Reliability
Weight ---------------- 0.1kg
Price is for ---------- 1 piece

HX-10N Military Product

Frequency work range

10MHz to 4GHz – tested

Couplung output

-15 to -95dB



Insertion loss

0.08dB max

Power test on 50MHz

1000Watts Warning! The diode can easily be damaged!

Power test on 2300MHz




Connectors line


Connector Cpl


Diode detector

1N23 can be replaced (Set includes diode)


Brass Silver Plating


Super military production – High quality & Reliability



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